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Siberian Sturgeon

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Beluga is spearhead of caviar, it’s the oldest and most refined form of caviar there is. The eggs are smooth and with a size of up to 4.0mm the biggest ones, coming from sturgeons which can live up to 100 years and weight over 200kg. The color of the eggs varies from a light grey to a rich black.


Beluga Amur

By combining the creamy, buttery burst of Beluga Amur caviar with the rich, full flavor of Shassetra caviar, this royal marriage of two sturgeon species has completely changed the game for caviar connoisseur. Its green luminous roes are so remarkable that we have used them to make a perfect selection. Substantial and smooth roe are all over the first impact accompanied by a fresh and remarkable taste.



Not only the distinct flavour makes Oscietra one of the most know caviar types there is. It is obtained from primed and genetically unique sturgeons with an approximate age of 12-15 years. The coloro varies from a darker green to a light golden green, with a compose between slight hazelnut and a powerful rich flavour. An ideal ecosystem stays strong behind and unique and rare genetics.


Siberian Sturgeon

Commonly known as traveler, Siberian has a creativity and cockiness to provide an ambitious taste of freshness and delicacy, dstrictly accompanied by a unique golden brown colour. After reaching maturity at the edge of 10 their pure and delicate eggs measure between 2.4 and 2.7 millimetres. A great philosophy of taste behind so much simplicity.


White Sturgeon

A lordly grains is the beginning of a long trip of unique characteristics accompained by inimitable tone of colours, grey and black a beautiful mix of an absolute unequivocal genetics. A refined and extremely pure taste pushes an unmistakable sensation of elegance in the mouth.

To ensure a sublime taste, caviar must be produced  only at a certain time of the year, with a water temperature between 14 and 16 degrees to benefit from the highest degree of ripeness and define its size and texture.

Only through this process great quality can be achieved. In addition to this Voyage Caviar is processed and salted according to ancient techniques that gives its unique and inimitable recipe.

Voyage Caviar is served by chefs all around Europe

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