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About Us

Caviar has been associated with luxury and success ever since its discovery in Astrakhan over 500 years ago. Voyage was born with solid roots out of years of traditions with the goal to create the most sublime and unique collection of caviar in the world. These multiple values, combined with passion and love, flourished to our exclusive and one of a kind recipe that has always been characterized as the Voyage effect. We are constantly on a Voyage to new heights. Producing the most delicious caviar in the world is a very ambitious goal with meeting the highest expectations of taste and ensure a form of balance with nature. A unique and inimitable experience guaranteed by the utmost professionalism and sustainability.


The harvesting of caviar cannot ignore the risk of the extinction of many wild sturgeon species. Therefore Voyage acts. The principle is maximum respect with the deep demand of being able to operate in the right balance between the search for the noble delicacy and the continuity of future generations of sturgeons and repopulating the Caspian sea. Our goal is a culture that combines the pursuit of maximum exaltation of taste, with sustainability at every stage of the supply chain in a delicate balance of flavors and passions.